About Us

At House Aashirya, quality is the enduring belief that drives all through our company's core. For years, we have been a trusted supplier of fine bathrobes, towels, and linen to the hospitality industry. The organisation has gained notoriety for giving the best quality items and unrivalled support of many hotels, lodges, resorts, and spas in South Africa and public markets. We launched this website to expand our reach to our customers. We are based in Morningside Durban, South Africa. Thanks for visiting us, and we hope we can serve you.

1. Excellent Customer Service

We strive to exceed, not meet, expectations, and we strive to deliver every single aspect of our work with excellence.

2. Quality and Innovation

We provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that deliver premium value products to our customers. Every aspect of our work is driven by quality and continuously improving our activities and employees. 

3. Respect & Honesty

We are a family business, and those values of being together. We treat our clients as our family. We act with high standards of integrity, treat others with honesty and respect, and keep promises and commitments to customers 

5. Transparency

Provide clear and comprehensive information about our products, services, policies and operations 

6. Giving Back

Goodwill is one of the core values here at House Aashirya, and We give back to the less fortunate through charity and volunteering, and we share our success with our community through sponsoring.

“Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting”.

Brian Tracy



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